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Google AdSense & AdWords Services are a great and effortless way of earning extra income from your blogs or already published content & Google Ads It is a platform that offers mutual benefits for the advertiser and the publisher. If you have hired a persuasive Solutionsgram, then it can contribute to maximizing your overall revenue. It can be really harmful to your brand if you break the guidelines laid down by Google AdSense & AdWords, so it is better if you give this task to a trained and professional Google AdSense & Google AdWords service Provider Solutionsgram. So, here are the mistakes that you should avoid doing as they are counted against the norms of Google. • Do not buy traffic. • Do not frequently click on your own ads. • Do not post your ads on an inappropriate website that promotes nudity or gambling. • Do not make the ads that do not contain any content. If you have undergone any such practice, then your ad will be removed by Google, and in some cases, you can be levied with a heavy fine. Here are the tips that can help you generate high revenue from Google AdSense & Google AdWords • Know where you can find your target audience and post your ads regularly. • Avoid using too many graphics as they slow down the loading process. • Stop using other platforms for posting ads as it will improve your website loading speed. • Use standard advertisement sizes as they are more noticeable. • Do not make the layout look cohesive. Add only relevant details, and it is better to add hyperlinks for extra features. • Experiment with different methods and styles of ad designing. • Use custom channels to attract tech-savvy. You can contact Solutionsgram, The Best Google AdSense & Google AdWords Service Provider to acquire relevant information about the right tactics of Google AdSense & Google AdWords services. You can seek help on every topic related to digital marketing.

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